Diversity, equity and inclusion keynote speaker, expert panelist and workshop host

Donna Michelle shares an unapologetic perspective that empowers women in the workplace to authentically bring their voices to the table.

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Meet Donna Michelle

Donna Michelle has served as a speaker, trainer, and human resources professional for over 20 years. But navigating the corporate world has taught me one thing – women deserve better. 

While women and people of color are increasingly more educated and consistently proving their value at all levels in corporations large and small, they are largely leaving the corporate space. Why? Because the corporate culture construct makes them believe they don’t belong. This is unacceptable and Donna is unwilling to sit idly by as this disservice continues. 

Donna currently holds the position of Vice President of Employee Engagement & Cultural, Global Diversity and Inclusion at Citi, but her corporate title hasn’t always granted her the respect or recognition she deserved. She had to learn how to navigate the corporate space and create her own way so she could find her voice, operate with gravitas and demand respect from  colleagues and superiors – she did just that!

Now, Donna is honored to directly serve women as an executive coach, as they navigate the corporate space and climb the corporate ladder. She also serves as a trainer and consultant for corporations as they learn to maximize and retain their diverse talent. 

Donna has worked with notable companies including State Farm, Prudential Securities, American Express, Black Enterprise, Ford Motor, the Florida State Attorney General’s Office and the Minority Enterprise Development Corporation and is a sought after speaker on topics related to women, leadership, self-empowerment and peak performance.

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